Real Woman Real Bodies campaign - LTD dresses everyone

Real Woman Real Bodies campaign - LTD dresses everyone
What to wear can be a daily struggle, but throw a spray tan appointment into the mix and it can spell disaster. But this is no longer the case.Introducing the Little Tanning Dress, a dress designed to take you from spray booth to street, in style. 
This dress is your new go-to, a sure-fire way to ensure your tan stays golden and glowing. With a nylon/spandex weave that is similar to swimwear material, the Little Tanning Dress doesn’t absorb tanning products like cottons can. And, with six different styles in the range, you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for you. 
The dress has fast become an everyday essential for the everyday woman and the uniform of choice for salons nationally.  
Crease-free, it’s ideal for travel and maternity with plenty of room for a growing belly. Free-sizing accommodates every shape and style.

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