"Review: Little Tanning Dress in Brooklyn and Kimono Robe" - RE POST from @temporaryprincess

"Review: Little Tanning Dress in Brooklyn and Kimono Robe" - RE POST from @temporaryprincess

RE POST - From Livia @temporaryprincess


As Winter gets closer, my colour starts to fade, and believe it or not, it is around this time that I, like a lot of other girls out there, start to reach for my fake bake goodies in a bid to get my colour to stay somewhat like it looks in the warmer seasons. Sure, sometimes I get lazy (who doesn't?), and lean into the pale, but I do like the way my skin looks when it's brown, so a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

However, that also raises the dilemma of what to do when you're marinating - in the Summer, you can sit around in little shorts, playsuits, or even your underwear or bikini, right?

In the Winter, I'm definitely not keen to get down to the basics, as I'm super susceptible to the cold. I mean, we're talking possible streaks, being left with marks and impressions made on the skin, and God forbid, having it rub off onto the clothes. And it's not like you can leave a professional tanning salon without clothes on either! So where does that leave us?

Say hello to the Little Tanning Dress - your solution for moments such as these! I've heard of Little Tanning Dress for ages, but never got the chance to try them until now, and I'm so glad I did, because, guess what? They are HELLA cute! There isn't just the one dress either, guys, we're talking 5 designs in different colours and prints, and if you're keen, you can even wear certain designs in several different ways!

Let's talk about the Brooklyn, for example. As you can see, I am wearing it as a one shoulder dress, which is actually really cute. I love the fabric - it waterfalls and looks like a Grecian drape dress on me, while on their website, it is pictured to be worn 5 other different ways. As much as I'm all about black clothes, I'm loving this in Navy - I feel like this really takes it to a different level. This is also good for all sizes, ranging from a 6 to 18. I'm an 8 - 10 generally, with a wide back and big shoulders, and I didn't find this to be too loose or snug on me. This comes in two sizes, S/M and M/L.

I really liked the look of the Kimono Robe gown when I first had a look at the dress. This has more material to it, and would be a good one for in between weather. This does have a bit more of a bath-robey feel to it, which I love for a more casual tanning day at home. I wore this when I had some friends over, so I could marinate, entertain and hang out with some of my favourite people without worrying about streaks or funny patches.

These dresses retail for $59.95 each, and you can find them over here. Not staining my clothes, or having a second rate tan are two excellent reasons to get your hands on them, but having a versatile piece like the Brooklyn means that you can travel with a piece that you can wear several ways and for my inner travel bug, this is just an additional reason to give it a go.

Have you heard about Little Tanning Dress before? Would something like this totally change the way you self tan, or do you have a fool proof system in place?

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