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Two Corporate Girls - Styled the LTD as an LBD - Check it out

May 10, 2016 1 min read

"twocorporategirls Nothing better than a simple Sunday ☀️ This jumpsuit is just superb! It's made specially for the ladies who love a fake tan?? With a blend of polyester and spandex, it's designed to not disturb your fresh glow ? Check out"

 "twocorporategirlsHello Saturday! ?? Beckie is at Burleigh Heads for a little weekend getaway, wearing the most beautiful maxi dress from@littletanningdress ? The best thing about it is you can pop a layer of fake tan on underneath, and not worry about marking your clothes as it is made from a blend of polyester and spandex that won't disturb your fresh golden glow ?? Check out the link in our bio! TCG xo"


What To Wear to a Spray Tan

May 10, 2016 3 min read

What To Wear to a Spray Tan | What I’m Wearing

What To Wear to a Spray Tan | What I’m Wearing

I used to be a weekly spray tanner. I even dubbed Thursdays ‘Tan and Thai Thursday’ as my weekly ritual would be to get a spray tan after work and then order Thai takeaway for dinner! A fun little ritual, pre-children. Then, when I was pregnant with Hannah I stopped spray tanning, and I’ve only had a a few since then (not while pregnant though!).  Although I’ve learned to embrace a far less bronzed look, when the lovely Brooke from Little Tanning Dress approached me to try out one of her  Little Tanning Dresses, I jumped at the chance to try the dress (and to get a spray tan!). I don’t have any events on this weekend however seeing it’s the last weekend of summer I thought why not? I always get my spray tans done at Lush at New Farm, Brisbane and in my opinion they’re the best around. Dedicated tan rooms and all you could need for a great spray tan. So this morning I enjoyed a child-free 45 minutes while I got a spray tan and I wore this perfect dress by Little Tanning Dress. 
When I used to tan weekly, I didn’t have anything nearly as nice to tan in, but I always wore black. This fabric, however, does not cling at all and is very slinky and comfortable. It also doesn’t crease and does not blot or absorb the tan like other fabrics can. It’s also very versatile. You could easily wear this dress out for dinner with heels, or pair it with some sandals and sunnies like I have and wear out for coffee or shopping. And this style is also breastfeeding friendly and you can wear a real bra with it too. Did I tell you the best news? It’s under $50! 
Little Tanning Dress has also very generously offered a discount code for Pretty Chuffed followers – use ‘CHUFFED20’ for 20% off at the checkout! 
If you’ve never had a spray tan before, or have had mixed results in the past, here’s my six top tips to getting a great spray tan: 
1. Think ahead. If you have an event Saturday evening, it’s best to book in for the Thursday or Friday night. That way the tan will look more natural and would have fully developed by the event. There is also overnight or rapid tans available now, which means (if getting a rapid tan) you can wash off before bed and no more brown sheets!
2. Go to a reputable salon. It’s important to get spray tanned by someone who knows what they are doing. You do not want a patchy tan as it can be difficult to remove. Ask around, and book in somewhere that specialises in tans. 
3 Exfoliate. The night or day before your tan, exfoliate your skin using a body wash and an exfoliating glove. Moisturise the day before, but not just before your tan. And, if you wash your hair just before your tan, you must again exfoliate to ensure any soap or shampoo has been removed from your skin. 
4. Remove hair the day before. This is to make sure your skin has settled after the removal and the tan will be more even. And hair removal after the tan may remove your tan, too!
5. Wear black or dark colours/prints. I always wore a loose black dress to my tan, however the range from Little Tanning Dress is perfect! 
6. Moisturise! It’s important to keep moisture to your skin to ensure the tan stays nice and even. Moisturising will also make the tan last longer. 
Also: if you are breastfeeding, ensure you wear a proper bra or bikini top while getting tanned as you do not want your little one getting tan on them while feeding! I wear a normal black bra which I tuck to be ‘strapless’ while getting the tan. 
So, here’s how I wore the Little Tanning Dress Emmy short dress for my tanning appointment this morning (note: I wore Havaianas to the appointment however once I showered afterwards I changed shoes).

The Perfect Summer Tan Guide!

May 10, 2016 1 min read

How to get the perfect summer tan

We are well into summer now and there is one thing on everyone mind. The perfect summer tan. These are the tanning products that we have been lusting over all season.


Kristy wears Emmy $49.95

The Little Tanning Dressis the ultimate spray tan fashion piece. Made from polyester elastine, which feels silky against the skin, The Little Tanning dress wont rub against your fresh tan and will keep you blotch free but still allow you to look stylish enough to leave the house in confidence. Choose from 6 gorgeous all black styles and change the way you tan.


May 10, 2016 1 min read

Tanning Dress doubles as Traveling Dress and a LBD

May 10, 2016 3 min read

What I Wore: The Perfect Travel LBD (featuring Little Tanning Dress)


“To travel is to live…”

DRESS: “Ellie” by Little Tanning Dress* {exact match} | SANDALS: Kmart |SUNGLASSES: Vintage {similar here} | NECKLACE: Gift | LIPSTICK: Lime Crime in “Countessa Fluorescent”

Let’s talk holidays. If you didn’t know it I’ve just returned from a week away in the beautiful Singapore (more on one facet of the destination here). E and I had an absolute ball, but before we get into holiday details let’s discuss the pre-vacay stuff. One major thing to consider when traveling is packing (of course). Obviously you don’t want to forget anything, but you also need to consider fabrics that are not going to crease and require little ironing once you’ve arrived at your destination. Nobody wants to spend precious exploration time slaving over an ironing board, and that is why I was ecstatic when a package arrived on my door step a few days before we left on our trip!

Said package contained what one can describe as a dress you just need in your wardrobe for more than one reason. Meet new Aussie label Little Tanning Dress! As the name implies the Queensland label creates comfortable, affordable and fashionable garments designed to be worn post fake tanning. Their collection of dresses and jumpsuits are made of a crinkle free polyester and spandex blend that is silky on your skin and won’t take off your fresh tan. We lead busy lives and this dress basically saves time if you’re a tanned goddess – no need to wait around for your glow to dry with this baby, just pop it on and continue on your way. Genius right! 


I’ll admit I don’t feel the need to fake tan very often but what I love about the dress is it is perfect for travel, due to the crease free fabric. Although the product is predominantly marketed towards the fake tan queens in the crowd, take my advice, this dress will be your best friend if you spend a lot of time living out of a suitcase, or on the road. And I guess if you wanted to fake tan then jump on a flight you could with Little Tanning Dress! 

Of course I packed my new “Ellie” dress on our recent trip overseas. It was meant to be! The reason I chose this beauty was I knew it’d be perfect for holidays as the simple LBD style can be dressed up and down to suit my mood. Fabric wise, the dress just slides on! It’s silky and soft and the cool part is most of the labels dresses are free size. Every kind of lady can join the party! The relaxed bohemian fit and style is very on trend right now, and the garment just flows over my curves, which is especially good on holiday because of course you spend a lot of time eating all the new foods! I also love the sleeve details, which add another element to the look, and can be tied in a few different ways, or left loose, depending on your mood. I feel glamourous and expensive, but all in all happy and comfortable, which is how you want to feel on holiday.

Accessories wise you can wear pretty much anything you like with a LBD. I went with a chunky, bright statement necklace to compliment the plunging neckline. Any colour would work but I loved how the blue and green stood out against the black. A great pair of statement earrings would also work, as the dress speaks for itself really! A simple pair of black sandals completed my look, as the afternoon I wore the dress in Singapore we were doing a lot of walking. A wedge would also look fabulous with the length of the dress. Bright lips and bold white vintage sunglasses added an “Emma element” to the outfit, because we all know how much I love a pop on the lip. Travel made easy, and stylish!  



Get The Most Out Of Your Tan

April 25, 2016 3 min read

Cosmopolitan Magazine has let us in on some amazing tips to keep that spray tan looking like new for longer! With 10 handy tips for pre and post tan we agree that they help keep a longer lasting tan!  
1. Cool showers. Hot baths can dehydrate your skin, leading to faster peeling. Stick to cool showers and use a moisturising shower oil to really lock-down your colour. We like The Sanctuary 2 Day Moisture Shower Oil, £6.99.
2. Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise! There's no better way to hang on to sexy summer skin than by slathering on the lotion. Post-holiday you should upgrade to a body butter and lotion-up every day. The Body Shop Coconut Shimmer Body Butter, £13, not only drenches skin in moisture, it also smells of hot beaches and sun cream – putting you right back in the holiday zone
3. Exfoliate. It can feel like the last thing on your mind but it's important to give your body a weekly exfoliation to help remove dull, parched surface cells and prepare the skin for the self-tanning to come. Liz Earle Energising Body Scrub, £14, is gentle and packed with mood-boosting essential oils too.
4. Facial self-tan. Your face is the first thing people notice about you and a sun-kissed complexion makes you look fresh-from-the-plane pretty. In our experience, many gradual tans for face are so subtle we hardly notice them. Use a regular facial self-tan whenever you need a real boost. We rate Chanel Soleil Identite, £26.
5. Gradual tan. The secret to extending your tan is to create a simple ritual that's easy to maintain. A gradual tan is what's needed here: something you can slap on as readily as a body lotion, straight after your morning shower, and get dressed without waiting for it to dry. The subtle colour will enhance your tan without looking overdone and you can reapply every two days without streaks. Here on the beauty desk, we reach for Dove Summer Glow Deep, £4.99.
6. Bronzer. Use a matte bronzer like Rimmel Natural Bronzer, £5.59, to help recreate that 'perched at the beach-bar all-day' look. The trick is to swirl it where the sun naturally hits – the forehead, temples, nose and cheekbones – rather than all-over.
7. Baby Oil Spray. Here's a trick we use on beauty shoots: glistening limbs look leaner and sexier. A spritz of Johnsons Baby Light Oil Spray, £2.99, over arms and legs will help your tan come back to life.
8. Eat beta-carotenes. Various studies have shown that a diet rich in beta-carotenes (a type of red-orange pigment) can recreate the glow of sun-kissed skin from within. Amaze! The best natural sources are sweet potatoes, apricots, mangoes and especially carrots. So be sure to pack your meals with these sunshine-coloured fruits and veg.
9. Drink water. Don't slack-off drinking water just because you're not in 30 degree heat. Keeping hydrated can help prolong the life of all cells (including those nicely tanned cells at the surface) and also plump and smooth the skin.
10. Wear white. Finally, it's a tried-and-tested trick for giving the illusion of darker skin: simply wear a white or lighter shade next to your face. A crisp white shirt, bronzer and pink lipgloss is one of the best mood-boosting combos we know!
Can't forget to add our special tip by using a Little Tanning Dressto ensure your tan turns out blot and mark free!

Tanning jumpsuit and how to style it

April 15, 2016 2 min read



Like so many great ideas, Little Tanning Dress started out of necessity. Busy boutique owner, Brooke Jones, needed to have something fashionable she could wear to her tanning appointments and in her store. But there was nothing on the market that would preserve her tan and her style. So she created the Little Tanning Dress. A stylish black dress made from a polyester/spandex blend that doesn’t blot or absorb tanning products. As an added bonus it doesn’t crease either

Since then the little tanning dress has expanded into a range of styles, including the Jessie jumpsuit (gifted) I am wearing here. There are also some very cute tank tops for the tan-aholics out there.

I absolutely love this jumpsuit. And I will definitely be wearing it outside of tanning and spa appointments. It’s quite cool to wear and the perfect blank canvas for plenty of styling play.

I chatted to Brooke about Little Tanning Dress as I love a successful business woman story. Brooke’s background in fashion buying was invaluable as her company started to grow and one design evolved into a range. While all garments are free sized, Brooke felt it was important that the lengths vary to accommodate different heights. As a boutique owner she knows the frustrations of shorter girls buying maxi dresses. As a tall woman herself, she knows the importance of that extra inch. I am 178cm tall and a size 10/12 and the jumpsuit fits perfectly but I would go with a tall maxi.

The thing that struck me about the Little Tanning Dress range was the price. Each dress is $49.95, which I think is amazing for the quality (and I am one of those never-pay-retail sorts). While the little tanning dress started life solving style and tanning problems, it’s gone on to become an essential piece in travel and maternity wardrobes. The dresses are crease-free with plenty of room for a growing belly. Because they are made out of a fabric similar to swim wear (but much lighter weight) they also wash and dry easily.

If you are in the market for a Little Tanning Dress, head over to theonline store and have a look. 


February 01, 2016 1 min read

Thanks for the shoutout Sarah Sayers! Sarah's recent blog on
included what to wear after you have a fresh tan.
"After you’ve dried your tan off (I use the cold setting on my hair dryer), wear either long pants or a maxi fake tan dress.
This is because when your limbs are exposed, there is more chance you might rub your palms over the surface, and in doing so take on some excess pigment which will give you that orange finish on your palms."
little tanning dress ellie
Shop it: Little Tanning Dress, Ellie Maxi, $49.95
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