As a woman in business with a full schedule and busy lifestyle, Bamboo Tanning Dress owner and director, Brooke Jones, found herself in need of a solution to the age-old wardrobe dilemma… what to wear after a spray tan?

Growing up in Australia, learning safe sun practices is a huge part
of every Aussie kid’s upbringing, and for Jones, who’s father has been treated
for multiple skin cancers, safe sunless tanning has always been the better
option for having a bronzed, “sun-kissed” look.

However, creating a flawless tan isn’t just in the application, it also
means wearing the right post tan apparel that nurtures and cares for the tan
whilst it’s developing, and the typical option of a “loose flowing dress” just
wasn’t quite cutting it for Jones.

As a woman trying to fit spray tans into her busy schedule, wearing
something that was practical and comfortable often wasn’t very flattering, and
anything nicer would result in her tan being smudged or her clothes being
stained, causing unnecessary textile waste – another huge passion for Jones.

Enter, Bamboo Tanning Dress – the ultimate tanning mate!

Noticing the lack of options available on the market, Jones created
a stylish and flattering dress that she could wear after a spray tan, allowing
her to feel confident and well-presented as she ran between appointments, whilst also complimenting the tan.

Made from 100% bamboo that doesn’t soak up or smudge the product,
her tan was safe and nurtured as it developed, and the stain resistant material
meant her spray tan apparel wouldn’t be destroyed. In addition, the bamboo
fibres are anti-microbial, breathable and crease free making them comfortable
and refreshing to wear and the soft touch bamboo has resulted in BTD becoming a go-to-glow loungewear option for at home tanners as well.

Having owned and operated a women’s fashion boutique for 8 years
prior, Jones knew what women wanted. She knew what shapes flattered a woman’s body and was able to create a full range of wellness apparel that not only solved several problems, but made women feel confident and beautiful. It was important to Jones that the garments were versatile, free sizing to accommodate a range of shapes and sizes, and able to be dressed up and down so that women could run from the salon to socialising in style.

Local beauty salon’s eagerly welcomed the BTD range as it gave
their customers a solution to running to the salon after work or not having the
right dress between appointments. Not only that, it also gave the salon’s a
fantastic new add-on to their tanning services. At such an affordable price
with good margins, it’s been an excellent business decision for many salons who
are regularly re-ordering to keep up with demand.

Since first hitting the market it 2017, BTD has become a well-loved
and recognised name in the Australian beauty industry, stocked in salons, spas,
and wellness centres all over the country, and is now available for wholesale
and distribution in the US, Canada and the UK.

The mission at BTD is to offer sustainable fashion making it
easy for women to look and feel great with minimal effort and minimal impact on
our beautiful planet.

Lightweight | Comfortable | Breathable | Soft Touch |
Anti-crease fibres

Live Well, Feel Great!

Team BTD xxx