If your clothes are too tight, they can wear off the tan. This means that jeans, leggings, or socks are a no-no. We all want to take care of our beauty needs and carry on with our daily schedules at work, business or school. You are probably wondering what you can wear instead to retain the beautiful intended effects. If operating a beauty, tanning, or hair salon, you possibly find it hard to convince your customers to agree to a spray tan if their excuse revolves around being busy. Bamboo Tanning Dress (BTD) has good news for you; we have the perfect outfit that will not hinder anyone from getting a spray tan. Here are a few after spray tan tips.

1. Wear clothes with the right material

Tanning dresses should not be made of cotton material that can attach itself to the tan and drain its effects. Non-cotton dresses can ensure that the tan develops evenly since it cannot be absorbed by your clothes. BTD after spray tan wear dries really fast because it is made of a material similar to the ones making swimsuits. Therefore, our dresses can guarantee you perfect results for your spray tanning beauty procedure.

2. Dress comfortably and stylish

Make sure your dress or jumpsuit is loose fitting with a dull-ish colour to ensure that any rub-off on the clothes will not be visible when you go out. With LTD, you get to choose between leopard prints, black, or navy blue. The dresses and jumpsuits are fun, casual, and a little sassy with interesting quotes printed on them. Notably, they are affordable and can give you the option of wearing it in multiple stylish ways to suit various occasions. Indeed you will get a lot of value for your money.

3. Don’t cancel your appointments

Gone are the days when you would have to do your spray turn at night or cancel all your day’s appointments. You can forget about staying indoors wearing a baggy t-shirt and sweatpants whenever you get a spray tan. Buy spray tan wear online and travel without worrying that it might crease. Whether you are plus-size, slim, or pregnant, you can still rock after a spray tan from LTD.

Are you wondering what to wear to a spray tan? Bamboo Tanning Dress is the most fashion-conscious after tan wear brand in the Australian market. Our dresses and jumpsuits are specifically made for after a spray tan to preserve the effects and give you comfort afterwards. Call us today if you are considering a spray tan and need absolute comfort.