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Protecting your fake tan with comfort and style

There’s nothing worse than spending good money on a fake tan just to have it rub off on your clothes as you leave the salon. So, what do you do? You wear big, baggy, terribly unflattering clothes to try and protect your investment. However, there is an alternative, the after tan dress. Perth has never looked so stylish, but what makes the Little Tanning Dress different?

The product

They say necessity is the mother of invention and that is how the Little Tanning Dress came about. There was a need for a clothing range that is not only fashionable and comfortable, but able to help protect a fresh fake tan. Unlike cotton, the nylon/spandex weave of the Little Tanning Dress’ clothing does not absorb the tanning products, leaving you with the best tan possible. This crease free and quick-drying fabric makes our dresses, tanks, and jumpsuits able to be thrown in a bag without a worry, making the Little Tanning Dress products the perfect choice as after tan wear.

The range

With the ability to accommodate any size and shape, including maternity, the styles of the Little Tanning Dress products are for anyone. Whether you prefer a dress, jumpsuit, or tanning tanks you’ll find a style to impress. They are casual, fun, and a bit sassy (the tanning tanks are rocking it with fun and sassy quotes). Available in black, blue, or leopard print, and styles that are versatile as well as fashionable. You may even find yourself wearing them at any time, not just when you walk out of the tanning salon.

Where to buy

Whether you are looking for a jumpsuit, tank, or tanning dress Perth customers and Australia-wide customers can buy straight from the Little Tanning Dress website or from tanning salons throughout Australia. (If your favourite salon doesn’t stock our products then maybe you need to point them in the right direction.) Our top-quality dresses, tanks, and jumpsuits are affordable - with Zippay now available for those customers who prefer to pay this way.

So, the Little Tanning Dress is the place to go for your fake tan dress. Perth’s number one after tan clothing company has quality, comfort, fashion, fun, and tan protection as our priority because we understand how frustrating it is to spend your time and money getting a fake tan just to have your clothing rub it off, destroying your clothes and tan.

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