Little Tanning Dress- Brisbane

Finding the exact type of dress you are looking for can be a challenge. Your taste and preference might be a little different from what the market has to offer and this is what befell the owner and designer of Little Tanning Dress.

Brooke Jones owned a women's fashion boutique, and being a busy woman, she needed a tanning dress that would allow her to leave the tanning salon looking as good as she did when she entered without staining her clothes or wrecking her tan. Jones founded Little Tanning Dress company in 2015 and over the years, the company has broadened its range of stylish dresses and jumpsuits.

Our products

At Little Tanning Dress, we sell after tan dresses Brisbane customers can rely on directly through our website. We also sell wholesale to several beauty and tanning salons throughout Australia. There is a variety of colours to choose from like navy, black and leopard print, as well as a range of tanning tanks with fun quotes printed on them.

When it comes to fake tan dresses, Brisbane women of all shapes and sizes are catered for by Little Tanning Dress. The dresses are designed with flexibility and comfort in mind, and are hence a perfect choice for maternity wear. The fabric is unique and crease-resistant, making it ideal for travel.

We believe in offering quality products to our customers. We also know that our customers are looking for comfort, style and fashion in the dresses they buy, and all of this is available in our highly affordable tanning dresses. What makes the dresses stand out is that they can be adjusted and tied in multiple ways to be worn in different styles.

Our customers

If you are a woman who likes beauty, tanning and fashion, Little Tanning Dress is the place you need to visit. With our tanning dress, Brisbane ladies have the freedom to engage in what they love without fear of staining their other clothes or ruining their tan. We also sell wholesale to hair, beauty and tanning salons that are in the tanning services industry and are looking for an additional product to sell to their clients. Our brand strives to remain casual, fun and sassy, with our designs inspired by beaches, travel and sunshine.

For the right kind of wear that will not rub off against your spray tan, come to Little Tanning Dress. Our quick-drying, nylon/spandex weave fabrics do not absorb tanning products, and are readily available. Talk to us today and get the most out of your clothing by getting diverse dressing styles.