Product Of The Week - Bondi Sands

Brooke Jones

Posted on January 28 2016

This week our favourite product would have the be Bondi Sands Liquid Gold!
I personally tried out this new Australian product and fell IN LOVE! Liquid Gold is perfect if you hate the gross sticky feeling of a fresh tan while you sit there and baste! This product is as easy as spraying on your skin and rubbing in with a tanning mitt.. That's it!The oil dries within minutes of applying! No waiting to around to put clothes back on, no showering, no stickiness. 
Of course I still wore my Little Tanning Dress afterwards to keep my tan free from any marks. I would definitely recommend this product to girls on the run because you can literally apply the oil, put your clothes on and go and run your errands for the day while it gradually darkens. 

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