"What To Wear To A Spray Tan Session" - RE POST from @livvvybaby

"What To Wear To A Spray Tan Session" - RE POST from @livvvybaby
RE POST - From Livia @livvvybaby
We all know how messy and sticky tanning appointments can leave our skin feeling. Little Tanning Dress offers a stylish range of outfits that are designed to take you to your tanning appointment and back out again to your favourite place, in style of course. What's more is that you can alternatively wear these comfortable tanning dresses out as you do your regular errands, special occasions and much more. (I literally can live in tanning dresses as they are so stretchy and comfortable to wear). 

Here are some tips to prepare you for a spray tan session: 
  • Make sure to wear flip flops or sandals to your appointment. It just makes life easier. 
  • Wear outfits that are dark (either black or dark blue are safe colours to opt for - never white of course).
  • Wear outfits that are comfortable, flowing and don't cling onto your skin. 
  • Make sure to exfoliate your skin a few days or the night before your spray tan appointment. 
  • Moisturise your skin right after your appointment as this will ensure that your tan lasts longer. 
Here are three stylish ways to wear the Little Tanning Dress: 

On my way to the tanning salon, I am wearing the Kimono Robe in Black (RRP $59.95 AUD) in Black by Little Tanning Dress. 

This kimono inspired dress is perfect for everyday as it's simple and stylish. 

Prancing around the park in the Brooklyn Tanning Dress (RRP $59.95 AUD) in Navy by Little Tanning Dress. You can wear this dress multiple ways such as a one shouldered dress or tie it up as a halter dress. You can even get away with it at a special event as it has that 'formal' and stylish look to it. 

Head to your tanning appointments in style! 
Last but not least you cannot go wrong with a traditional kaftan with a twist to it. Featuring theCourtney Kaftan Tanning Dress (RRP $59.95 AUD) in Navy, it features an elegant V-neckline and a peaked hi-low hemline which adds a little style to your overall outfit.

 I've cinched my dress with a belt to show you that it's super wearable for just about any occasion, and not just tanning appointments. 
Have you checked out the tanning dresses by Little Tanning Dress? 
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